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How to Build A Faster Scalable ECommerce Site

Knowing how to build a fast scalable architecture that supports your ecommerce is as important as the products and content that you host. How you build your ecommerce site is important to your online business success. You want your capacity to grow with your business, You want to be fast. You want to convert customers…

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PHP 7 is Here. What it means to your Business.

PHP 7 is Here. If your business uses an application that uses PHP then you should care. What will happen to your PHP sites if you don’t upgrade? If you operate a site that runs on PHP, like a content management system or ecommerce website, then this is an event that will eventually impact your…

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Techweek Winning Pitches: Top 3 Lessons Learned

This year’s NY Techweek was packed with alot of great pitches and advice.  It was the presentation and question patterns that I found most interesting.  I was a spectator in the audience, for two dozen pitches … and they all shared some winning qualities. Assuming you have a good idea to pitch in the first place,…

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How to choose the best SSL certificate for your online business

Seeing “https” at the beginning of a url is typically proof that a site is using an ssl certificate to encrypt and secure the browser session. But, a pop up window warning that the certificate isn’t valid is a sign that something is not right. Warnings like that can scare away your online customer. As…

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What you Need to Know to Secure your Cloud Infrastructure

There are a few important things you need to know about securing your cloud Infrastructure. All the benefits of building and launching an app in the cloud do come at a risk. As a CTO or CEO you want to save money wherever you can. Moving your infrastructure to the cloud is a great way…

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